"The Internet" by Oliver Tree & Little Big 
I was tasked to create a production-ready 3d models 
for music video "The Internet" by Oliver Tree & Little Big 
Rage Comics
One scene in the  video required a 3d heads of a Rage Comics charachters.
I had a task to transfer iconic charachters of "Me gusta", "WHY" and "No"  to 3d, creating a production ready 3d models.
Rage comics charachters fight with Oliver Tree
Models are sculpted and textures are hand painted. All done in Blender.
“Phonster” is a monster combined of a smartphone, two fingers and legs in H.R. Giger style. Concept art by Maxim Semyonov.
Oliver Tree, Little Big and Phonester in a old-school fighting game.
LITTLE BIG Production:
 Idea: Oliver Tree 
Director: Alina Pasok, Maxim Semyonov, Oliver Tree
VFX Supervisors: Alexandr Stepanov, Maxim Semyonov 
Animation: Dmitry Kataev Graphic 
Design: Miami Disco 
3D Sculpt: Alexey Tomilov 
CG/VFX: Alexandr Luginin 
Graphic Designers: Daria Smirnova, Maria Kravtsova, Maksim Schmidt 
Casting: Emelyanova Maria, Anna Petrovskaya 
Editing: Dmitriy Novikov 
Sound Designer: Stas Kravets 
Colorist: Bushin Andrey 
VFX: Alexandr Stepanov, Artem Andreev, Nikita Zavyalov, Andrey Titarenko, Sergey Frolov, Alexander Odisharia 
Photo Backstage: Misha Fedoseev, Timur Archiyarov 
Retouching/Compositing: Superpoykin 
CG/VFX: Slava3ngl 
Graphic Designer: Maksim Schmidt
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