Making of
Concept art
Scan session took place on 19.07.14 during "Afisha Picnic" event, as part of Wordshop pavilion. Shot with circular rig made of 47 dslr cameras. 41 people where scanned, produsing 102  sets of photos, that later would be converted to 3d models using photogrammetry software.
Directed by Alexey Tomilov
Cinematography - Alexey Tomilov
Producer - Andrey Shkatov
AC - Seva Captur 
Make-up - Wordshop 
PA - Yuri Truhacher, Zaur Zaseev 
Editors - Alexey Tomilov, Alena Koukoushkina
Colorist - Alexey Tomilov
VFX - Alexey Tomilov
Design - Alexey Tomilov
Prod Co - Wordshop Music Video
Thanks to: Svetlana Maybrodskaya, Andrey Mousin, Gleb Lisichkin, Mila Basenko, Picnic Afisha

"Imaginary Pilot" produced by Sergey Sirotkin 
Mixed and mastered by Andrey Kravchenko 
Released by Kometa Records


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