Glitch effects for 5GUM
I was tasked to develop experimental visuals for glitch effects in 5gum commercial. 
The task was to take a fresh look at overused glith effect. So we decide to use hand crafted 2d effects and fluid cloth simulations - visuals not tipycally assosiated with digital glitch. The result is multi layered effect, a mix of 2d and 3d techniques.
Still frames:
Layers of glitch breakdown:
Drafts and different options:
Client: Mars
Agensy: BBDO
Production: Bropro
Director: Azar Strato
Art-direction/CG: Sinners
Creative producer: Sergey Zavoloko
Art-directors: Konstantin Stepanchuk, Sergey Zavoloko
CG Generalist: Alexey Tomilov, Eugene Shestopalov

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